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Social Media and Personal Branding

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Their Best Digital Selves

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College Prime courses are expertly-crafted, hands-on training modules that teach everything from SEO to Twitter etiquette.

For Schools

College admissions are no longer based solely on test scores, transcripts and essays. Social media has emerged as a critical assessment tool.

For Parents

Even when social networks seem private, they’re very much public. There are always consequences for what you post.

About College Prime

Today, academic success and digital life are more connected than ever.

Admission to a top-choice college, securing a coveted scholarship, landing a dream job upon graduation — all of these milestones require digital savvy. In the 21st century, an impressive GPA isn’t enough: Today’s valedictorians must also know how to navigate LinkedIn, how to network on Twitter and how to craft a sterling digital presence.

College Prime is here to help.

What We Do

We equip middle and high school students with the skills they need to succeed online, in classrooms, at internships and beyond. We teach students how to showcase their accomplishments on the web; how to leverage social media for college admissions; and how to build a digital personal brand that will carry them into professional life.

College Prime deploys online training modules, playbooks and expert advice that prime today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders.

college prep courses for teens

Harvard accepted 5% of 39,051 college applicants (Class of 2020)

social media training for teens

35% admissions officers have visited applicants’ social media profiles

online reputation management for teens

Cornell accepted 14% of 44,966 college applicants  (Class of 2020)

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“It’s common knowledge that mothers and daughters often disagree on fashion trends, music and matters of the heart. However, my daughter (a recent college graduate) and I (a practicing attorney for some 30 years) have no disagreement regarding Stacey Cohen’s qualifications as a branding expert. Stacey’s insights on communications, PR and marketing resonate with both of us. We wholeheartedly agree that Stacey’s professional guidance is transformative and transcends generations.”

—Gail Kerner, Cornell alum

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