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It’s the 21st century — schools need to make personal branding and digital leadership an integral part of their curriculum. Educators must stress that work and play increasingly occur online, and that success in college and beyond requires an expert grasp of digital life and social media.

Indeed, college admissions are no longer based solely on test scores, transcripts and essays. The bottom line is that admissions officers want to see what value a student will bring to their campus. On average, admissions officers spend 10 minutes per college application which means that your students’ presentation must be sterling.

It’s in the headlines: Harvard’s recent decision to revoke 10 students’ acceptances for offensive social media posts underscores the dangers of negative online behavior.

Digital savvy is a critical skill, and a growing number of institutions are teaching students how to be their best digital self. Indeed, parents are demanding this be part of the curriculum. Why? The competition is fierce: More than 200,000 high school seniors graduated with a flawless GPA last year. For the class of 2020, Harvard received 39,041 applications for admission. They accepted just 2,106. Cornell similarly admitted 14 percent of prospective students in 2016. Vetting this surge of candidates are college admissions officers who review applications for the brightest and best “fit”. Today, personal branding is more than just an online profile — it’s a holistic picture that can make or break college admissions.


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Harvard accepted 5% of 39,051 college applicants (Class of 2020)

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35% admissions officers have visited applicants’ social media profiles

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Cornell accepted 14% of 44,966 college applicants (Class of 2020)

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