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The internet has made much of our lives public. Still, many teenagers don’t understand that posting online is like carving in stone — that photo from spring break is permanent.

Indeed, just nine percent of teenage social media users are concerned about their data privacy, according to Pew Research Center. Meanwhile, social media use among teens is skyrocketing — 92% of teens report going online daily, and 24% say they go online “almost constantly,” according to another recent Pew poll.

It’s critical for young adults to learn that even when social networks seem private, they’re very much public. There are always consequences for what you post, even if your intentions aren’t malicious.

So: Since the internet never forgets, personal branding should start early. Building a positive online portfolio is a learned skill — and an increasingly important one. If your middle or high school student does not have a digital leadership course as part of their everyday curriculum, it’s crucial for you to seek out a program.

Parents: Contact us today and learn how you and your child can get primed to build a positive, safe digital presence and gain necessary social media skills for college admissions.

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Harvard accepted 5% of 39,051 college applicants (Class of 2020)

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35% admissions officers have visited applicants’ social media profiles

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Cornell accepted 14% of 44,966 college applicants (Class of 2020)

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