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At the core of College Prime are our online courses — expertly-crafted, hands-on training modules that teach everything from SEO to Twitter etiquette.

Our courses provide a critical onboarding to the world of digital branding and social media management. Each course is deeply researched; updated frequently; and built with input from both marketing professionals and savvy students.

Through videos and interactive quizzes, we equip teens with the strategies and tactics they need to build winning brands online — and to thrive in the classroom, at the internship and beyond.

We Offer the Following Programs

  • In-depth online training modules customized for students, parents and teachers
  • Webinars packed with tactics and guidance
  • Exclusive live programs for mastering social media and personal branding
  • Student profile development

The Online Landscape

In our first course, College Prime examines the intersection of college admissions and social media. Before digging into the how of online brand management, we explore the why: More and more, admissions officers turn to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms to assess applicants. As a result, it’s time for students and parents to rethink the role of social media. It’s no longer for sharing goofy memes — it’s a tool for storytelling, networking and showcasing academic accomplishments.

Social Media Fundamentals

Learn the nuts and bolts of social media today. This course provides a tour of the myriad social media platforms on the web, and how to best leverage each one. We also examine the state of privacy and anonymity online — or, the lack thereof. Participants will learn how online, everything is searchable, and everything is written in ink. Real-life anecdotes about the consequences of bad behavior online provide teachable moments.

The Digital You

What does a stellar personal brand look like? Here, explore what it takes to stand out online. Discover how to wield SEO (search engine optimization) and differentiate yourself from others with the same name. Determine which social media profiles to make public. And learn a series of important branding tactics (e.g., use the same profile photo for all your professional accounts).

Learning LinkedIn

LinkedIn may be the budding professional’s most powerful tool — it’s an opportunity to showcase your accomplishments, and also rub elbows with admissions officers, alumni, prospective employers and others. In this course, we provide a blueprint for successful LinkedIn use, from peppering your profile with the right keywords to choosing the perfect profile photo.

Your Digital Dossier

You might be a talented photographer, and accomplished writer or a precocious filmmaker. But how do college admissions officers know? Learn how to craft a winning digital portfolio that showcases your creativity, charisma and community service. We’ll cover the tools you need to master to do this, from Google+ and Facebook to Pinterest and bespoke websites.

Expanding Your Network

Crafting winning social media profiles is just step one; next comes networking. In this course, learn how to meaningfully connect and communicate with others. Learn how to boost your visibility on LinkedIn; how to tactfully ask for recommendations; and how to get the most out of groups, pages and forums. We also examine how online and offline networking can complement one another.

Social Media and the Dream Job

Previous courses focus on leveraging social media for college admissions. Here, we explore the outsized role social media can play in landing the perfect job. Learn the myriad ways recruiters rely on social media: to find candidates, to vet them and to communicate with them. Learn how to present your skills and accomplishments in a way that grabs recruiters’ attention.

Twitter Tactics

Twitter provides fast-paced networking that LinkedIn can’t — it’s brevity and openness allows prospective students and employees to easily converse with key influencers. In this course, learn how to burnish your brand, strike up conversations, navigate hashtags and more. (Equally important: Learn what not to do. Tweets may be short, but they’re not ephemeral.)

Mastering Twitter

Our second Twitter course provides a deeper dive into the platform, unpacking its many nuances and opportunities. Learn how to wield Twitter lists, how to align your Twitter presence with your LinkedIn presence and far more. We also examine how certain Twitter best-practices — frequent calls-to-action, smart keyword usage — can be applied on other social media platform.

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